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Xiaomi flash tool is a Xiaomi Inc official flashing utility which was specially designed to flash any Xiaomi handset to reveal the best carrier from the smart apparatus. If you are also waiting to reveal everything from your handset too? simply follow the flashing guide given below.

Download Xioami Flash Tool
Here I have managed to get the official link for Xiaomi flash tool latest editions. Navigate to the site from here. There are many third-party apps are available on the internet but do not get the tool from unauthorized sites. 

Key Notes To Remember On Xiaomi Flash Tool
This is a product for only to execute on Qualcomm Xioami handsets and this will perfectly be supporting above MI 3 versions. Therefore if your device is not meet the requirement please do not try to flash with Xiaomi flash tool latest edition. You should be aware of bricking a single wrong move can brick the handset, therefore, read the guide and execute the program carefully.

Steps To Flash With Xioami MI Flash Tool
Follow all the steps given below and make sure that your device and Windows PC are in good condition. Prepare all the requirements and make sure that you read the entire guide before starting the process. 

  1. Step 1: Open the tool and double-click on the downloaded Xioami MI flash tool to install on your Windows PC
  2. Step 2: Now get your Xiaomi device and download the best fast boot file on that
  3. Step 3: Then boot the smart apparatus into fast boot mode
  4. Step 4: Now connect the handset to Windows computer using a USB cable
  5. Step 5: After the connection, the utility will automatically update the driver
  6. Step 6: Now click on the refresh button to see the connection
  7. Step 7: Unzipped Fastboot ROM folder. Use the “Select” button to locate the folder of that Stock Firmware of your device.
  8. Step 8: After the checking process now click on the flash button to begin the process
  9. Step 9: The flashing process will commence and wait for a few minutes
  10. Step 10: After a successful manner you will get a success message on your screen

Final Verdict
Try the latest Xiaomi flash tool on your beloved Xioami smart device to have amazing flashing process on your handset. If you have any queries regarding the tool please comment below. You can navigate to the official MIUI developers forum to inquire.

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