How To Flash Using QPST Flash Tool

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Term QPST refers to Qualcomm product support tools and this post is about QPST flash tool available for Qualcomm smartphone and Tablet device users to flash stock firmware. The tool comes as an installer package so you need to install it in your windows PC. QPST flash tool compatible with Windows 7,8,8.1 and also Windows 10 for PC. Like most other tools available there, this doesn't much complicate due to its user-friendly interface and other key features attached to it.

QPST Flash Tool Highlighted Features
The user is eligible to download the latest firmware file.
Comes as an installer package.
Detailed user interface.
QPST Configuration
Save service programming data. 

Download Requirements Qpst
Windows PC
Proper USB cable USB drivers Latest Version: Qpst v 2.7.453 is the latest version available to download.       

Qpst Flash Tool Use Step Guide
Step 1: Download the QPST flash tool  Zip file, extract it and install it on your PC.
Ste 2: Find the QPST folder available in your PC.
Step 3: Find the Config. file available in QPST folder
Step 4: Connect your mobile to the PC that you want to flash.
Step 5: Once the configuration is done, click on the Ports menu available.
Step 6: Click on the Start Client menu.
Step 7: Select the software download option available under the start client menu.
Step 8: Once you get the QPST Software Download dialog, locate the stock firmware file and the bootloader file by clicking the browse button. There are two separate search options available to locate the firmware file as well as the bootloader file.
Step 9: Click the start button to start the flash process.
Step 10. Once it's completed, unplug the device and restart it before you use it. 

In addition to QPST, QPST QFIL comes as an inbuilt flash utility of the tool that lets you flash Qualcomm smartphones and tablet devices. 

Uses of QPST Flash Tool
The easiest way  to flash Qualcomm smartphones and tablet devices. 
USE to flash stock software and help to overcome software errors and other booting issues in a user-friendly manner.
It is also suitable to use custom ROM files, but it is important to download the corresponding file to replace the original one installed in your mobile. Unless otherwise, it may cause your device permanently.

Developer Credit.
Developed and distributed for free by Qualcomm Mobile  Inc.

Hope the guide will be helpful for you. Refer to the  video guide for more details. Good luck     

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