Root Master Apk For All Android Smartphones

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Hello, guys. back here. Brought you a new tool and guide on how to use. The tool is Root Master Apk . Just the name explains the tool is for what? Yes, it is a rooting tool. Tool for Android smart phones and tablet devices. There are plenty of root tools available for different device versions but this is compatible with most of the Android smart phones including  Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and so on. 
Compatible Android Versions:  Devices running under Android 1.5 Cupcake to Android 5.0 lollipop.
Latest Version: v3.0 English version
Available formats: APK for direct installation and the desktop version available for PC installations.
Device warranty: Android Rooting void your device warranty so cannot claim for any system damages. But unrooting can get back to the original state of your smartphone.

Root Master APK Changelog
"One click" root manner so no need of PC to execute the root process.
Device Performance uplift
Expand the battery life
Also installing more third-party apps 

How ROOT with Root Master Apk Version

  • Download Root master and install it in your smartphone. No, any specific requirement just does it as a normal app installation.
  • Now open the installed app. it will display your device details.
  • At the App screen, there is an option available as Root. Just tap on it to begin the root procedure. 
  • Your device will reboot a few times. Ignore it. Once it completes the process a message will be displayed on the screen. 
  • That is all you have to if you choose to use the APK version. 

If you feel like want to revert back then unroot it. 
How To Unroot a Root master Rooted Android

  • Use a root managing tool. Super Su is recommended otherwise choose another app.
  • First of all, Complete the installation powers to execute the tool.
  • Open Super SU GUI ( Graphical User Interface) and tap on the settings tab.
  • The interface consists of three clean up options as (Reinstall, Switch Super Su App, and Full Unroot
  • just select the full unroot option there. This process will take a minute. A notification will be displayed once complete the process.
  • So that is all. And if you really wish to root your android make sure to take a complete backup as the first step.  Android Rooting is caused to void your device warranty. So be careful. make use of the guide. 

Good luck  :Blow_Kiss_Emoji_42x42:

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