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  1. barbara

    How To Use LG Flash Tool To Flash LG KDZ ROM

    LG Flash tool is basically used to perform a factory reset or to install KDZ or TOT stock firmware on OEM-branded LG smartphones. This tool is now paired with restoring LG smartphone while sending an error report using an application which installed systematically or manually in your device operating system. On the other hand, the LG flash tool is capable of flashing KDZ files larger than 1 GB in size. Compatible with all most all the LG smartphones. LG flash tool 2018 was introduced recently with minimum errors and bugs. LG Flash Tool Highlighted Features Enhanced GUI LG flash tool is a featured app which can perform alonely. So a user is completely free to use this flash application with or without the use of LG support application. Also, it requires few steps to flash KDZ or TOT firmware into an LG smartphone. Compatibility Latest LG flash tool is modified with UptestEX So all most all the LG devices are compatible with the tool. No need of using Host files Latest LG flash tool does not require an outside HTTP server or related host files to bypass any single step of the process. An active internet connection requires only to download the tool and not for the installation. Pre Requirements LG Flash Tool Latest version Windows PC Megalock.dll file to replace in the file location and ADB and fastboot driver installation requires. Suggest installing latest USB drives in your PC. Pick a compatible USB cable How To Flash Tool To Flash LG KDZ ROM Step 1: Install the latest USB drivers in your windows PC. Step 2: Download the compressed zip file and execute it in your PC. Step 3: Download your LG smartphone into the download mode. The key combination may vary from one device to another. So google search to identify the exact key combination for your device. Step 4: Connect your smartphone to the PC. Step 5: Click on the select KDZ and load the downloaded KDZ files. Step 6: Now click on the start button and fill other details as required and click next in order to continue the flashing process. Step 7: Remember not to operate your device until the process completed. It will notify once the process is completed. How To Flash Stock firmware Using LGUP Step 1: Turn off your smartphone. Close the application. Step 2: Boot your LG into Download mode. Step 3: Launch LG flash tool in your Windows PC in order to use "Board DL" and load TOT or KDZ firmware. Step 4: Now you have to start flashing using board DL option.
  2. Good news for all the ASUS zenfone users who wish to flash your valuable handset. Asus flash tool latest version enables you to upgrade or downgrade your existing ROM version. Version 2.0.1 is faster, bug-free and also a stable version. Most errors arose while using this tool were successfully addressed and now upgraded than the previous versions. Asus Flash Tool Use Guide Step 1: Enable USB debugging and developer option of your Asuszenfone and connect it to the P. Step 2:Download Asus flash tool and extract the workable extension and click on these button in order to launch the tool. Step 3: Open the Asus flash tool and click on the disconnected button. Once your device is connected successfully, the disconnected option will turn into the connected. ( It will show a green color connected button and your phone will be displayed on the screen. Step 4: Click on the browse button and select the ROM file which you want to flash into your phone. Make good research and find a compatible stock ROM file for your device. Download it and save it in your PC before executing the flash process) Step 5: Once the ROM file is successfully loaded, click on the start button to begin the process. Your device will automatically restart. Step 6: Boot your device into recovery mode. Press and hold volume up and the volume down key. If this does not work for your device search google to identify the relevant key combination for your phone model. Step 7: once you boot into the recovery mode, Navigate to the Update ADB. In there you have to select "apply update from ADB" Then the flashing process will resume again. Step 8: This process will take 5-10 minutes to complete the process.Once it is completed disconnect your mobile from the PC and restarts it. Asus Flash Tool Compatibility As most of the Android flashing tool available out there, this is also needed to be downloaded into Windows PC. This application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, also Windows 10. Recommend you to install ASUS USB drivers in your PC for better recognition of your handset. Updated latest version 2.0.1 is now compatible with a range of Asuszenfone devices. The fact you have to remember is that it only supports RAW ROM packages. Finally, Hope my guide will helpful for you. Wish you Goodluck.
  3. barbara

    Beginners Guide On SP Flash Tool

    Android flashing is just a flashy word in the Android world. Android flashing is the technical method used to install a different version of OS into your smartphone or changing the entire OS into another. But this may void to cause your device warranty. When considering Android Rooting, it is somewhat similar to jailbreaking and makes you a superuser of your own handset. SP flash tool is an Android flashing application specially designed for MediaTek smartphones and tablet devices. The tool is developed and distributed by MediaTek Inc and they made their great contribution towards the tool as the developers. SP Flash Tool Benefits Flash scatter based Stock/ Custom firmware Flash Kernels Unbrick tool for bricked mtk devices Use to read/ write parameters Use to erase, format or reset mtk based smartphones and tablet devices. System Requirements Desktop or Laptop A proper compatible USB cable Scatter files or files to flash Install Mtk VcomUSB drivers In Addition to the above requirements, it is better to back up your existing data. How To Use SP Flash Tool Here is the basic guide on how to execute the SP Flash tool. Step 1: Download sp flash tool zip package into your PC. Unzip it. Find the spflashtool exe file. Run it as administrator or double-click on it to launch the tool. Visit . Step 2: Open the tool. click on the Download tab. then click the scatter loading option. Step 3: Click on the recovery option from the list. uncheck all the checkboxes. Step 4: load the recovery image suitable for your device. Step 5: Switch off your mobile. Step 6: Connect it to your PC using a USB cable. Step 7: Click on the green color down headed "Download" button available in the top corner. Not the Download tab. Click on yes if it asks. Step 8: Let the Sp flash tool to execute the process. Once the process has done a green color ok sign will appear. Then you can disconnect the mobile form the PC. If you faced issues on connecting with Sp flash tool, it is better to install the latest Mtk VCom USB drivers in your PC. Make sure that you have a complete backup of your existing data including contacts, messages, photos, videos etc as they could be lost permanently during the flashing process. Developer Thanks MediaTek Inc has made a great contribution towards the Sp flash tool as the developers. So the sincere thank should be devoted to them for the development as well as for the free distribution of the tool for the better sake of all the Mtk users.